Monday, April 26, 2010

Hybrid 1: Savannah by Ruth D. Kerce

Title: Hybrid 1: Savannah

Author: Ruth D. Kerce

Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-59596-804-3

Genre: Futuristic/Shapeshifters

Length: 22 pages

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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: BDSM games, self-play, oral play Reviewer: Starla Kaye

Date: 4-26-10

Just as nature finds its way to survive, love can find a way to exist. The author did an interesting job of creating a hot, sexual relationship between a human and a hybrid quasi-human, cat shifter.

Jared is a scientist commanding a pod in space, working as a particle sweeper. His work would be extremely lonely if he didn’t have Savannah with him as both a navigator and companion. Their relationship is erotically hot and pleasing to both of them. But can it be more? As his feelings for her grow stronger, he wonders what will happen between them when he is forced to retire from working in space and take a position back on-planet? Will the wild woman disappear from his life and return to her home in the jungle? Can he accept that?

This was a very short story but pulled me into it, enough that I would enjoy reading a follow-up story.

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