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The End of Night by B.L. Bonita

Title: The End of Night
Author: BL Bonita
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date: Jan. 31, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59578-806-1
Genre: Historical 1910, Suspense
Length: 44 pages
Other: Oral

“Can a woman cursed find true love?
Liv Erichsen is destined to become a spinster. After the body of her second fiancé is discovered on the jagged rocks below her cliff-dwelling estate, she's labeled The Black Bride. No man would dare fall in love with her again and risk being her next victim until a mysterious and arousing gentleman arrives at her door.
A liar and a womanizer, Mason Davidson's reasons for being at Valhalla Estate are not to redeem himself. Then again, he's never met a woman quite like Liv before. She's strong, passionate, and fit to drive him crazy with lust. But how can he make her accept him for more than a casual fling when he arrived for the wrong reasons and a crazed killer is watching?”

If a reader is looking for a quick romantic suspense with a Hhistorical element to it, then this one will fit the bill. Although the beginning was confusing, if the reader sticks with the story they won’t be sorry, as toward the middle the book takes off like a rocket. Mason is a hero who is brought in under dubious means to help Liv discover what or who her curse is. Liv at first came across as a spoiled brat, but later grows on the reader. The large group of secondary Characters are interesting and help add depth to the mystery as a whole.

As a historical book, this one though did have a feeling of being contemporary both in feel and in the speech of the characters.  I had to go back and double check that this was indeed a historical at least once while reading. So for those who aren’t really into the Historical genre there is no reason not to read this one as you will find it easy to forget we are in story that is a century old. But true historical nuts might find issue with the laid back feel of the characters.

Over all the story was enjoyable and a fast read. The characters grow on you and I was genuinely wondering who the killer was. I have to say pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this to friends who were looking for something to read in a single evening.

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