Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes, Captain by Rebecca Royce

Title: Yes, Captain

Author: Rebecca Royce

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-59578-654-8

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 35 pages

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Author Email: rebecca@rebeccaroyce.com

Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: Reviewer: Devoni Rayne

Date: 05-11-2010

If Star Trek would have been more like this book I probably would have watched it. Rebecca Royce created a great story I quickly found myself lost in. Her wording was wonderful, not at all over done. I loved the characters and was intrigued by the plot. It was action packed, sensual, entertaining, all wrapped up in a neat little package.

Lizbeth was a strong well written character as was Action. They were both believable and I could feel the love between them from the start. My only issue was the fast sex scenes with no foreplay, pants off, do the deed, move on. I think the description of Troy fit him well and made me dislike him as much as all the crew did. Every one of the characters were written in a way that made them essential to the story and plot.

This is an out of the world good book. Rebecca Royce ties the story together perfectly despite the fact it is a very short book. It is well worth the time to read and I promise you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Devonie Rayne, Thanks so much for your review of Yes, Captain. I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.

    Rebecca Royce



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