Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pirate and the Pussycat

Title:  The Pirate and the Pussycat
Author:  Paisley Scott
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date:  2007
Genre: Contemporary/Halloween
Length:  21pgs
Rating: 4.5 Diamonds
Heat Level: Spicy
Other: Oral
Reviewer:  Starla Kaye
Date:  9-30-10

Sometimes you just need to let your inner wanton run free.

Cecilia Thomas has an average life with no real excitement in it, until she decides to be a little daring at a Halloween costume ball. The high school science teacher meets her exciting match in a handsome, sexy pirate. She lets her inner sensual self run wild for the one night, possibly more.

Devlin Wolfe is a wealthy philanthropist who tries to stay behind the scenes, not wanting to be chased by women only after his money. He hosts a costume ball with the hopes of getting to know Cecilia better, having known her at the school under an alias he sometimes uses. Getting to know her better proves an exceptionally good idea…for both of them.

Great characters and some down-right sexy fun!

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