Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving Target by Rosalie Stanton

Title:   Moving Target
Author:   Rosalie Stanton
Publisher:   Lyrical Press
Publication Date:   July 5, 2010
ISBN:  978-1-61650-181-5  
Genre:   Romance/Erotica
Length:   47 pages
Heat Level:   Sizzling
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   December 31 2010

“An innocent woman. An assassin with a conscience. A deadly attraction.

Although Anna Winter doesn’t fit the profile, Nathanial ‘Wolf' Thornton can’t be sure she isn’t the woman he’s supposed to assassinate without getting a closer look. 

Once he discovers his cover’s been blown, his options are limited: walk away or watch an innocent woman suffer the consequences. 

A slave to his conscience, Wolf decides to take Anna along for the ride of her life…all the while battling his desire for her.”

What happens when you walk into a conversation at the wrong time? For Anna it was a change in her life completely, but she was lucky that her Wolf in shining armor was also the man sent to kill her. Ms Stanton proves once again that opposites attract in this high action, quick-moving story.  I found the characters engaging and interesting. I just felt that the story deserved at least another ten pages to help resolve the conflict. As a reader, I felt that I was going to have whip lash from the quick turn of events. Ms Stanton should take it as a compliment that I wanted another ten pages to read.


  1. Ms Stanton should take it as a compliment that I wanted another ten pages to read.

    And I do! Thank you so much!

    I am tossing around the idea for a follow-up...though it'll likely be a while. My muse as returned to the realm of vamps and shifters for the time being. :)

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. That cover caught my eye immediately...had a feeling it was a fellow Lyrical Press author!! ;) Congrats on the great review!!



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