Friday, December 30, 2011

Wishful Thinking by Sandra Sookoo

Title: Wishful Thinking
Author: Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date: December 5 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59578-885-6
Genre: Contemporary/Fantasy
Length: 54 pages

Heat Level: erotic
Other:  oral play
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/29/11

 This book brings us a hot retelling of a childhood fairytale. Jovie has been evading her coworker’s roaming hands for what seems like forever and now he has tricked their boss into thinking the impossible. Who in their right minds would actually think a woman could transform paper into gold bars but that is exactly what has happened. Jovie is locked in a conference room and threatened with not only her job but her reputation as well.

 Just like the fairy tales that we grew up with this one brings us a romance and a story of evil versus good. Yet this story contains so much more in the romance department. I loved Rand, he is a great man who has spent centuries locked away by a curse and when he is finally able to be release he must make a hard choice. Seeing the relationship build between Rand and Jovie was a nice read.  As with all fairy tales the characters must make a life altering choice to save their true love.

If you enjoy fairy tales and romance this story is one that should not be missed.

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