Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seaside Seduction by A.C. Arthur

Title: Seaside Seduction

Author: A. C. Arthur

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-60435-478-2

Genre: Destination Romance

Length: 78 Pages

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Rating: 4.5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Sensual

Reviewer: Sky

Date: 2/10/10

CJ and Mac have been friends since childhood, and seen each other through many of life’s trials and tribulations, including a string of failed romanced each. Why can’t they find the right person? Mac has finally figured out that they are each other’s perfect mate. Now to convince CJ, who has decided to give up on men after her last painful breakup. Where better to set the stage for romance and seduction than a cruise for romance authors and their fans? If Mac can’t convince CJ he is her destiny in a setting like that, he has no hope of winning CJ’s heart under any circumstances.

This is a lovely romance about two people just a little beaten around by life and love who have the chance to have their cake and eat it too. Author A.C. Arthur takes the reader on a Caribbean cruise to watch while Mac, a very hot and very sweet guy, tries to show C.J. that he is the guy who belongs in her bed and her heart. His object of love is a woman who has strong doubts about her appeal and about the ability of a male to be the partner she needs in life. She is a heroine we can all identify with, who hasn’t had romance go wrong? But we root for Mac throughout the story, and hope that his ex, Sidra, also on board, doesn’t submarine what could be a beautiful future.

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