Monday, August 8, 2011

Bound Among the Stars by Jennifer Leeland and Mima

Title: Bound Among The Stars
Author: Jennifer Leeland & Mima
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date: December 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59578-781-1
Genre: science fiction
Length: 108 pages

Heat Level:  erotic
Other: anal/oral play, BDSM, ménage
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 8/7/2011
Two wonderful authors have come together to give readers a new and different take on fairy tales as only they know how.
 In Commanded to Mate we find Sierra and Terek who must join together to fight a common enemy. The two are from different species and must come together to prove their loyalties and to save their people. Only they can begin to make things right but lies and hate may be their undoing. Can Sierra find it in herself to love Terek when it is all said and done?
I enjoyed this story. Not only is this story a hot read but we get a wonderful romance as well. Sierra is a strong woman full of fight. She loves with all her heart and will do anything for those that she loves. Terek is an honorable man who finds himself in a situation that he has no control over but he will do whatever it takes to make Sierra happy even if it means letting her go. Watching their relationship begin to turn to love was a nice read. The two make a formidable couple, so in love and ready to defend each other no matter what.
Bitter Gold brings us the story of Liese and Stillskin. Sold into slavery Stillskin plots for the day he will be free. On his visits out for his masters he makes a friend: Liese.  The two begin a simple friendship but Liese has begun to have feelings for Stillskin and wishes to help him. That is until she is taken to be made a slave and addict herself. Once he realizes she is in trouble Stillskin tries to figure a way out for them both. Can Liese trust him enough to get them out of the horrible place?
Readers will quickly recognize the fairytale that this story is based on. I loved Liese and her love for Stillskin. He may be a slave but he is still a strong man who continues to fight. Seeing the love that these two begin to have for each other was a great read.  Liese and Stillskin will fight for their love no matter what. Showing us that love can conquer all if we let it.
These are not the fairy tales that we grew up on as children. They are so much more.  If you love your romance stories with an edge to them than these are for you. I loved visiting these worlds and hope to find more tales like these two from Jennifer Leeland and Mima. I cannot wait to get lost in the worlds that they make again.

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