Monday, September 26, 2011

Strawberry Kisses (1Night Stand series) by Dominique Eastwick

Title: Strawberry Kisses (1Night Stand series)
Author: Dominique Eastwick
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publication Date: 19-Aug-11
ISBN: 978-1-61333-087-6
Genre: Erotic Romance, rubenesque
Length: 27 pages
Heat Level: Erotic
Other:  oral
Reviewer: TJ
Date: September 25, 2011

Are they ready to gamble on a 1 Night Stand?

Mia hides behind her computer, building popular computer games. And she
knows just want to do to keep men coming back for more on the other end
of the modem, she doesn't seem to have the same knack in person.

Gavin hides behind his numbers, since his wife left him the only thing
he cares about if his Son and his Job. One fail relationship was enough
for him, but if just the right curvaceous woman came into the picture he
might just manipulate the numbers a bit.

Can two meddling sister enlist to Madame Eve bring these two together
and show them that two is always better then one?

Hooray for heroes like Gavin who love curvy women like Mia! Strawberry Kisses is one of those fabulous stories that I know I will read over and over again. I absolutely loved the main characters and their interactions. I found it so easy to relate to Mia, I have many klutzy moments myself and I love how she referenced her career in her internal dialogue, it just made her more endearing. Gavin was so very charming and realistic. His attraction to Mia’s mind and body seemed so sincere and did a lot for my own self-esteem. I genuinely felt as if I made a connection with both these characters who I found to be extremely well developed for such a short story. This is one hot and romantic keeper and I cannot wait to see what else this author has to offer.

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