Saturday, October 8, 2011

Marking Time by Sandra Sookoo

Title: Marking Time
Author: Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing
Publication Date: 2011
Genre: paranormal romance
Length: 58
Heat Level: sensual
Other: n/a
Reviewer: Brecken Stevens
Date: October 6, 2011

 Ava is a werewolf who is unable to shift and completely dissatisfied with the way her life turned out. Sam is a phoenix days away from his last change, destined for death without a mate or offspring to carry on his legacy. A twist of Strange Hallow fate sends Ava back to the 1800’s where she and Sam meet and attraction sparks, but only time will tell if their love affair can last.

I enjoy Sandra Sookoo’s Strange Hallow world. I hope she has loads more stories in this world she’s built because amazing things can happen. I liked Ava’s sassiness and Sam’s old school nature that didn’t require him to be ‘alpha’ so much as strong. The story is well written and enjoyable; however, it did not end how I wanted it to-not at all. Still, I can’t complain because the story was well done and I liked the characters and can’t wait to pick up the next installment.

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