Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hybrid Misfit by Eve Langlais

Title: Hybrid Misfit
Author: Eve Langlais
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date: Out Now
ISBN: 978-1-59578-816-0
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 72 pages
Rating: 5 Diamonds  
Heat Level: Erotic
Other:  ménage, anal/oral play
Reviewer: TJ
Date: November 20, 2011

I lost my humanity in a government experiment, and now find myself hunted because of it. Demons, vampires and even angels—everyone wants a piece of me. I say bring it on and prepare to die, because I intend to fight for my right to live.

A chance meeting with a giant shifter and his best friend—an actual genie with a bottle—has evened the odds just as a prophecy involving me increases the danger. But, this Hybrid Misfit isn't about to give up, and with my lovers supporting me, I will change the world—and discover that two naked men in bed is better than one.

Hybrid Misfit has just about everything you can imagine; everything you could need or want in a paranormal romance. Beth is such a sympathetic character. With everything she experienced her personality could have turned out very differently and while I had moments of sorrow for her past she is such a survivor that you never feel pity for her just awe at her strength and wit. Gene and Simon are mind-boggling heroes, each on their own are fabulous enough for any woman. Having both of them is almost overwhelming. I enjoyed the friendship between these two men and discovering the bond they shared that seemed to grow stronger as their relationship with Beth develops. The additional characters in this story add to the atmosphere and meeting all the interesting species this author has brought to life was amazing. I cannot wait to see them make appearances in upcoming stories. I am looking forward to reading Beth’s roommates’ stories as well. I love Eve Langlais’ tone and humor and this was one of my favorites of hers.

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