Saturday, January 16, 2010

Consuming the Darkness Book 7 by Sheila Stewart

Title: Consuming the Darkness Series Book 7

Author: Shiela Stewart

Publisher: Breathless Press

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-926771-00-7

Genre: Paranormal.

Length: 167 pages

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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Reviewer: Gabrielle

Date: 1/16/2010

Police officer Nathan Powers has attracted the interest of a serial killer. The killer who has been dubbed the Heartless Killer finds playing with Nathan a fun game. A game of cat and mouse, which has now led them to the city of Jacob’s Cove. A city unlike any other, Jacob’s Cove is inhabited mostly with supernatural beings. On his first day there Nathan meets Lieutenant Sienna Storm and soon comes face to face with the supernatural himself. It seems that the Heartless Killer has decided to take up residence in Jacob’s Cove. As Sienna and Nathan begin to work together they find that an attraction has begun. Yet Sienna will not allow Nathan into her heart as she has been hurt before, but Nathan will not give up on Sienna’s love. Right now it is all he has other than revenge. Can Sienna and Nathan catch the killer before he strikes again? Will Nathan win over Sienna or will she keep her heart closed forever?

Shiela Stewart writes an engaging story set in a world filled with the supernatural. Jacob’s Cove, which is run by a vampire, is a city filled with many different beings it can be hard to know just who is the good guy. As Nathan deals with the loss of his partner to the killer he now must also deal with finding out that the supernatural world is real. Sienna is a strong and smart woman who is ready to fight in any way to get the bad guy and uphold justice. The relationship between the two was endearing and the antics of Sienna’s little puppy Daisy were cute. I enjoyed the interaction between Sienna and Nathan as he wormed his way into her heart. This story is a fast paced read and fans of supernatural world may want to pick it up.

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