Saturday, March 13, 2010

Summer Solstice by Kate Hofman

Title: Summer Solstice
Author: Kate Hofman
Publisher: Dark Castle Lords
Publication Date: May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-921347-98-6
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 42 pages
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Rating: 4 Diamonds
Heat Level: erotic
Other: Oral play
Reviewer: Valerie Mann
Date: 03/13/2010

Lady Margaret, daughter of the late Earl Bronley, is working at an art gallery in Ocean Breeze, Florida, when her employer asks her to do him a favour and go over to his friend, Prince Alessandro of Sant' Angelo. He needs someone to do some work. When she arrives, she realizes that the work he wants her to do is accompanying him to a formal dinner. She agrees, only to find that the Prince expects her to take part in a 'quickie' so they can both be relaxed during the probably endless dinner. Later, they will enjoy more leisurely pleasures. Incensed, Margaret wants to refuse, but the Prince succeeds in seducing her. A month later, he arrives at the gallery, to ask Margaret whether she is pregnant--the condom broke. She says, Yes, she is, but she will manage very well on her own. Horrified, the Prince explains that she is carrying the heir to his throne, and they will have to get married. Margaret refuses angrily. Will the Prince succeed in convincing Margaret to marry him so that his child will be born the legitimate heir to the throne? And even if he succeeds, what kind of marriage will they have, with her refusing his every olive branch?

Summer Solstice reminds me of the Harlequin romances I used to read as a teenager - powerful royal hero and outwardly timid heroine with a spine of steel. I enjoyed the tenderness the Prince Alessandro shows his pregnant princess and while attraction had never been an issue between them, the growing love they feel for each other is obvious. My only complaint? I wanted this read to be longer because I love a good love story!


  1. All of Kate's books are wonderful. They sizzle. She has written longer books, so if you enjoyed this one you should check out all of her books.

  2. Another wonderful story! Thanks Kate!



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