Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Velvet Submission by Violet Summers

Title: Velvet Submission

Author: Violet Summers

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-59578-661-6

Genre: BDSM Romantica

Length: 72 pages

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Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: anal/oral play, sex games, and BDSM

Reviewer: Dana Dean

Date: March 2010

Megan Jamison plays the sweet southern belle to perfection. She also lives the life of a Domme within the safe walls of the bondage club, Velvet Ice. She never mixes sex with domination. Sex is about trust and letting go. Domination is purely that, an opportunity to find peace through control.

Gregori watches Megan Dom other men who don't deserve her. He knows what she needs, what they both need, but how does a muscle-bound, Russian, pain slut convince a golden goddess to trust him enough to allow his total submission for her pleasure?

Bondage is not usually my favorite genre, but let me say Ms. Summers made a convert out of me with Velvet Submission. The sex leaps off the pages in blazing Technicolor. More than that though is the story itself. Megan and Gregori spar in a delightful mix of give and take. Gregori may be a believable and delicious submissive, but he remains a sexy and powerful male and a perfect foil for Megan’s own strengths and weaknesses. In a word, Velvet Submission is scrumptious. I can’t wait to read other work by this talented writer.

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  1. Thanks Dana! Gregori is one of our favorite heroes, so we're always glad to hear when someone else loves him too!



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