Monday, May 30, 2011

Assassins in Lace 2: Scents by Jocelyn Michel

Title:  Assassins in Lace 2: Scents
Author:  Jocelyn Michel
Publisher:  Changeling Press
Publication Date:  2011
ISBN:  978-1-60521-582-2
Genre:  Paranormal Vampires/Werewolves
Length:  37 pages
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: Anal/oral play, sex games
Reviewer:  Starla Kaye
Date:  5-30-11

Love isn’t easy sometimes, especially when you’re supposed to be enemies.

Sasha St. Claire is a vampire running a fragrance industry by day and stalking werewolves by night as an assassin.

Trapp Stefano works in Sasha’s maintenance department and kills vampires and is now after her. Can a love relationship get any more complicated?

This is the second in the author’s Assassins in Lace series and I wished I had read the first book. Scents isn’t reliant on having read the first book, but it would be good to do so because this looks to be a very hot, very good series to follow.

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