Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dark Side of Passion by Sheri Gilmore

Title: Dark Side Of Passion
Author: Sheri Gilmore
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Publication Date:
ISBN: 978-1-59632-848-8
Genre: paranormal
Length: 162 pages

Rating:  3.5 Diamonds     
Heat Level: Erotic
Other:  oral play, BDSM
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 5/21/11
This book contains two different stories from this author. These are older stories about love, lust and the paranormal. Each one filled with emotional characters yearning for much more than what they have.
In the first story we meet Diana and Jarrett. The sparks fly between these two right from the start but can Diana let go of the past and her fears to reach for her happiness? Jarrett comes off as arrogant and mean but we find that he does have a heart after all. The love between Diana and Jarrett was a nice read. I enjoyed seeing both of them let their guards down and try for the love that is waiting for them but would have also liked a bit more character development in this story.
In the second story we meet Anna a distraught wife who finds out her life is nothing but a sham. After years of pain and suffering she finds her courage to walk away. For years now Anna has left flowers and prayed to the gods. Her prayers and offerings have not been in vain for one amongst the gods has noticed her. Can Anna find the love and courage to fulfill her fate?
I enjoyed seeing Anna find herself and take back her life. She is a great woman who has suffered much in her life but has continued on. Tez is a god who gives himself wholeheartedly and as long as you are ready to fight for your life, he will stand by you. He has found one he loves in Anna and gives her the chance to love him. Watching their relationship develop was a great read. The love that the two have shines right off of the pages.
Sheri Gilmore weaves dark and mysterious worlds in this book and keeps the reader engrossed in the story all the way to the end.

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