Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come Fly With Me by Tia Dani

Title: Come Fly With Me
Author: Tia Dani
Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
Publication Date: September, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-934657-87-4
Genre: Erotic
Length: 31 pages
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: anal/oral play, public sex
Reviewer: Jo Pfander
Date: 10/30/11

Bree drooled over the man she nicknamed Mr. Sex God the beginning of every month while waiting for a flight they both took. She wanted him. Could she get him this time?

Steven’s ‘Discipline Always’ motto only gets him so far and a fascinating beauty puts it to the test each month. Will he stop working long enough to fly along with her?

I really enjoyed the heated sexual play between the characters. Come Fly With Me is a nice short erotic read for those who travel along the airways as Bree and Steven do. I’d recommend this to those who enjoy spur of the moment hot reads.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Thank you so much for this review. We appreciate your comments and we're very glad to hear that you enjoyed our book.
    Tia Dani

  2. Oddly enough, I read most of this on a plane...all I can say is, thank goodness my seat-mate was a friend!

  3. Olivia, you made us laugh out loud.:-)

  4. Sounds like a fun read. Could have used this on my last flight from the Caribbean to Seattle!



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