Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trois by Em Petrova

Title:  Trois
Author:   Em Petrova
Publisher:   Breathless Press
Publication Date:  2011
ISBN:     978-1-926930-50-3
Genre Menage, F/F, F/F/M
Length:   10000
Author Email     
Heat Level:   Scorching
Other: Oral
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   11-12-11

......his wife dipping into the honey jar, he demands a taste of the decadent pleasure, putting three hearts at risk.

But Jane’s new lover Margot is newly divorced and shies from the idea of being with another man. Frustrated, but willing to be patient, Ethan is allowed to watch his wife experience mind-blowing pleasure, vowing that soon he will have Margot in his arms.

However, there is more to Margot’s hesitation than entering a relationship with a married couple. Her ex is pressuring her—leaving her leery of men and afraid of dragging Jane and Ethan into it. While battling her attraction for Ethan, she shoots down Jane’s request to make their relationship a true threesome.

Can Ethan help Margot overcome her fear of him and gain her trust, as well as put a stop to her ex’s harassment?

This is the second on Ms. Petrova’s, French Kiss Collection, and it didn’t disappoint. The love scenes were hot and they were about love, not just about sex. It’s a story about how to make three in a relationship work, not easy when one is scared of men and doesn’t want to come between the other two.

I just wish, and yes I know this was supposed to be short, that the story line with Margot and her ex was given the time it needed to work itself out. I felt that part was rushed because it was so engaging. And Ms. Petrova wrote it so well I would have loved another page or two.  This reviewer can’t wait to get her hands on the next book, Quatre.

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