Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Seeing is Believing by T.A. Chase

Title:   Not Seeing is Believing
Author:   T.A. Chase
Publisher:   Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date:   
ISBN:    978-1-59578-747-7
Genre:   paranormal M/M Erotica
Length:   36 pages
Rating : 4.25 Diamonds
Heat Level:   Sizzling
Other: Oral, Anal. M/M
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   January 1 2011

Living in Strange Hollow, a blind vampire like Barry can have a normal life ... or as normal as a blind vampire can have. He has friends and his Seeing Eye dog, Angelica. But when he accepts a date with Anthony, his mysterious next-door neighbor, he realizes just what he’s been missing. Love.

Yet when Anthony reveals the reason he’s made Strange Hollow his home, Barry has to question whether Anthony’s interested in him because of his personality, or because of his blindness.

Sometimes the statement “love is blind” can be the most freeing words of all.”

Barry might be blind but he sees more then most and being a blind Vampire can create a slew of troubles. But in a small town Like Strange Hollow, nothing seems too strange or out of the ordinary. T.A. Chase creates a world and characters that seem very real, and the reader can relate to. They are flawed and have issues as well as fears that make the reader care about them. Both Barry and Anthony have been through more in their lives then most would, but they seem to have found a place where they can be themselves and now they've found each other. Though the sex is hot, the story is first in this book and one that any reader would enjoy.  I hope to find more stories about Strange Hollow and its residents.

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