Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza by Ryan Field

Title:  Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza
Author: Ryan Field
Publisher:  loveyoudivine Alterotica
Publication Date:  2010
Genre:  M/M
Length:  25 pages
Heat :  Sensual
Reviewer:  Jillian
Date:   04/21/2011

Handsome, young Kellan works too hard and doesn’t spend enough time meeting new men. Deep down, he’s an old-fashioned guy who believes in romance and true love. He’s tired of sex for the sake of sex and wonders about whether or not he’ll ever meet the man of his dreams and fall in love. Though he’s willing to put his heart on the line to start a new relationship, the men he’s been seeing aren’t interested. Until he finally comes in contact with a nice young guy he never expected to meet. They exchange a few e-mails, set up a date to meet in Central Park, and wind up spending a wonderful Sunday morning together that ends at The Plaza Hotel where they dine on strawberries and cream. After that, they discover a connection neither one of them could have predicted. And though they are extremely attracted to each other, Kellan is adamant about getting to know the man he’s falling in love with first before they jump into bed together. 

I loved this story. Flat out adored it. The emotions were so pure and the writing was some of the best I've seen, which is refreshing and gave me the opportunity to enjoy the story without my internal editor flashing. Telling a story in first person POV can be tricky, since the reader may not get a sound idea of what the character telling the story is like, except through his eyes. However, the author did a superb job of giving the reader a very good visual of who Kellan is. And the descriptions of the other hero, Jason, were so detailed, with layers that proved how great a writer Ryan Field is. 

The story itself was a wonderful, if very short, journey of discovery. Kellan wants more than sex...he wants a deeper and more meaningful connection. The fact that he finds it right under (or above, as the case may be) his nose, is so perfect. Truth is stranger than fiction and even though this story is fiction, I was able to suspend disbelief without any problem whatsoever because I truly wanted these two men to find and fall for each other.  Kudos to the author and I'll definitely be looking for more from him. This earned every diamond!

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