Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aimee's Locket by P.L. Parker

Title: Aimee's Locket
Author: P.L.Parker
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 1-60154-683-1
Genre: Historical, Time travel
Length: 348 pages
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Rating: 4 Diamonds
Heat Level: spicy
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/2/09

Aimee’s locket is a sweet and endearing tale of love and trust. As Aimee and her sister Sara go shopping in July of 2008 they come across a small antiques shop. Aimee collects ivory lockets and soon finds one that she falls in love with and purchases. As Sara and Aimee continue on with their shopping Aimee begins to feel ill and in no time she begins to fall into a faint. As she rolls on the ground she discovers that somehow she is no longer in Seattle but in St. Louis, Missouri in the year of 1847. The first person she meets is Jake. First impressions do not go well for either Jake or Aimee but he soon takes Aimee under his wing and helps her. Soon the two are on a trek to the Oregon territory. Jake and Aimee have many adventures on the way, some good and some bad. Most of the way there has Aimee trying to figure out how to get home. While Jake leads the wagon train and scouts he and Aimee try to work out their relationship. Will she continue to try and get home or will she decide to stay?
Aimee is a strong willed woman who does everything she sets her mind to. She never gives up and stands by those she loves. Even though Jake is gruff and rude at times he really is a good guy underneath it all. His love is strong and true and the bond that Jake and Aimee develop is a wondrous thing.

This story is well written and has many characters full of emotion. With equal amounts of adventure and romance this book keeps you entertained from start to finish. This book is a good story that pulls on your heartstrings at times. As you read all of the adventures that Aimee and Jake have and the turmoil that their relationship goes through you wonder if they and it can survive.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review.

    P. L. Parker



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