Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flying High by Gail Roarke

Title: Flying High

Author: Gail Roarke

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-60088-466-5

Genre: Erotic

Length: 29 pages

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Rating: 4.5 Diamonds

Heat : Erotic

Other: voyeurism, mile-high club

Reviewer: Jo Pfander

Date: 11-29-2009

Ever needed sex really bad and unable to have it? Well that’s the heroine, Leah’s problem. Visiting a party for just that purpose her first attempt at release turns into a break-in, a guest is shot and her cover is blown. Frustrated she does her job and tries to forget that one near release. Then along comes Victor and she finds what’s she looking for.

I was pleased with the way the story started right out with an attention grabber that took hold and kept me intrigued to the point I didn’t want to stop. Gayle Roarke did a good job with her characters making them real. It took a moment after I finished reading to settle myself back in the real world. It was a trip well worth taking. The heat level was awesome and kept my mind traveling along with the events of the moment. I would recommend Flying High for a great short read for any who like surprises and erotic romance.

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