Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ride the Lightening by Lex Valentine

Title: Ride the Lightning
Author: Lex Valentine
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9826023-0-0
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: 143 pages
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Rating: 5 Diamonds
Heat Level: erotic
Other: anal/oral play, BDSM,
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/2/09

Emily Carrington is a red dragon who has found her mate in Vahid Delrey a black dragon. With a painful past and many misunderstandings between Emily and Vahid they cannot and do not come together. While Emily thinks that Vahid is a pain and that he does not want her, Vahid believes that Emily is a cold-hearted snob. They both have secrets in their past and it seems that they will continue to fight their love and never get together. Until a fateful day years after their first meeting when Vahid finally learns of Emily’s past. He is shaken to the core by what he sees at hears. He vows to fix the mistakes he has made and to help and love Emily forever. He must make Emily understand him and trust in his love for her. With each of the two hiding their past and not trusting enough to tell the other about it the wall between them only gets thicker and taller. Can they finally let it all go and enjoy the mating as only dragons can or will they forever hold their grudges and lose out on their happily ever after?
Emily is a wounded soul that needs help with her healing and only one person can do that healing for her. Vahid is a gruff and rude Alpha Male but his love for Emily knows no bounds. Underneath it all he really is a good guy. The love that these two share shines off of the pages and is a wonderful thing to read.

Ride the Lightning is a fast paced but emotionally charged read. With the reader hoping that Vahid and Emily can put aside their pride and do what comes naturally. Letting nature take it’s course instead of continually fighting against the current.
Lex Valentine is a great author. Whether it be her fantasy or her contemporary stories she always brings the reader into her world and keeps them entertained throughout the whole book. I for one cannot wait to see just what comes next.

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