Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks

Title: Sweet Temptation
Author: Maya Banks
Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
Publication Date: April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23258-3
Genre: Erotica, Romance
Length: 358 pages
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Rating: 5 Diamonds
Heat Level: erotic
Other: anal/oral play, sex games, BDSM, ménage,
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 4/5/10

The past that Micah has been trying to forget has just made itself known. When Angelina comes to town Micah’s world is turned upside down. She loves him but can he accept the past and move on? Will he see Angelina for who she is or will Micah forever see her as his best friends little sister who is off limits?

Maya Banks writes a wondrous and sensual story that grabs the reader right from the beginning and does not let you go until the end. The inner struggle that Micah goes through is a very intense ride. Micah is a strong man trying to forget love and when Angelina arrives and makes him feel again he does not know what to do. Angelina is a great woman who knows what she wants and goes after it no matter what the circumstances might be. The ups and downs of their relationship are definitely one roller coaster of a ride. Not only do you fall in love with the main characters but you also get to see the characters you already love from the other books in this series. Each time you get to visit their world it is like coming home. With characters full of such depth and emotion this book should not be missed. As with her past books I was highly impressed with Maya Banks and her ease at which she brings the reader into her world and keeps you wanting more. She has quickly become an automatic buy for me.

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