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Betrayed by Love by Marilyn Lee

Title: Betrayed by Love

Author: Marilyn Lee

Publisher: Red Rose ™ Publishing

Publication Date: August 26, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-60435-751-6

Genre: Erotic

Length: 32,438 words

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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Spicy

Other: BBW, Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural

Reviewer: Reena Jacobs

Date: 9/2/2010

Linea Hills is an attractive, confident, full-figured woman in full control of her heart and her life—until she falls into lust with her best friend's husband. Then her life is turned upside down as she feels betrayed by love that hits her at the wrong time and with the wrong man. Her precarious situation worsens when her friend tries to draw her into the marital games she and her husband play.

Grant West is an eligible bachelor with a job that keeps him on the road and a charm that ensures he has his choice of companionship from a succession of women—none of whom can expect a commitment from him. Then he meets Linea and falls for a woman who is determined not to surrender what he wants most from her—her heart.

The cover of this book immediately attracted me. So how did judging a book by the cover work for me? Not bad.

I wouldn’t exactly call this a romance, as the story between Linea and Grant did not always take precedence. In fact, it seemed more on the lines of erotic women’s fiction or chick lit. That little tidbit didn’t put me off though, as the storyline kept me engrossed.

Sex was a central theme in Betrayed by Love and included frequently. And though the novella is labeled as an erotic and the language was coarse enough to bring a blush to some, the scenes were not detailed enough to make the steam truly rise. Even so, that aspect didn’t make the read any less enjoyable, just an observation.

The storyline was told completely from Linea’s first person POV, except for one oddball scene in Grant’s third person POV. The style was quite interesting. It had a Forrest Gump-type feel with Linea narrating her journey of love as if the reader was right there with her.

I found it easy to relate with Linea. Her struggle to balance right from wrong and reconcile her self-perception with her impulses kept me engaged. Above all, her views on love versus lust hit the nail on the nose (in my opinion), and because if it, the storyline was realistic. I’d recommend this novella to readers who enjoy lusty stories which examine aspects of interracial dating.

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