Saturday, September 4, 2010

Devlin and Garrick by Cameron Dane

Title: Devlin and Garrick (A Seeking Redemption Novel)

Author: Cameron Dane

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Publication Date: June 7, 2010

ISBN: 978-1595787088

Genre: Contemporary, m/m

Length: 169 pages

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Rating: 3.25 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: Oral, anal, rimming, light bondage, spanking

Reviewer: Finn

Date: 9/4/10

Devlin Morgan and Gradyn Connell have one thing on their minds when they meet in a bar one Friday night in San Francisco. One good, hard fuck. After the hell he’s been through, Gradyn knows the young man sitting at the end of the bar--with his sweet nervousness and beautiful face--is just what he needs. And Gradyn has absolutely no problem getting up to say hello. Devlin knows inviting muscle-bound, tattooed Gradyn to his motel room is the riskiest thing he’s ever done, but there’s something in the man’s warm green eyes that tells Devlin everything will be all right.

One explosive encounter in Devlin’s motel room is the plan. Only, it turns out one hot fuck isn’t enough for either man. Dinner afterward leads to another round in bed, and what follows is a weekend together that stirs more emotions than either Devlin or Gradyn ever expected to feel.

Things are not always what they seem….

Cameron Dane has always had a wonderful flow with words and this book is no exception. You genuinely feel for the characters and take the journey with them as you watch the story unfold. Especially in this book, the encounter talked about in the part of the blub above between the two men is actually told through a series of flashbacks and boy, is there a lot of “encounter”. If you’re looking for hot male loving, this is the story for you. It’s hot and enjoyable, that’s for certain, but there was a few places where it seemed like the story had become all about that—the sex. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it detracted from the plot a bit. I’d get pulled into what happened before and forget about what was happening currently. Still, a very well told story that draws you in and takes you for a delightful ride with the men.

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