Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pure Sin by Rynne Raines

Title: Pure Sin

Author: Rynne Raines

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: 12.19.09

Genre: Erotic Romance

Length: 150 pgs

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Author Email: rynneraines@rynneraines.com

Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: erotic

Other: anal, oral, BDSM

Reviewer: Sasha Evins

Date: June 22, 2010

Whips. Blindfolds. Restraints. And a man rumored to be the most skilled Dom in the city... As the BDSM instructor at the hottest fetish club in Los Angeles, Bianca Alexander prides herself on being open, honest, and informative with her clientele when it comes to kink. The fact that she hasn’t knelt before a master of her own in four long years doesn’t affect her ability to teach, though a part of her longs to be back in her Dom's arms. But when her boss hires Cade Sinclair--her primary rival from a competing club--to assist teaching her classes, Bianca’s comfortable solo act becomes a sinful duet drenched in Pure Sin.

This is a work of art for those dig a little BDSM in their play. Smartly written, Rynne does an excellent follow up to her Welcome to Eden short. Bianca was a relatable character with her witty personality and a bit of a stubborn streak, perfect for her work as a Dominatrix. Cade is, of course, a finely written alpha hunk we would all like to be dominated by—I know I would.

You can see that Rynne did some research before writing this tale. The Dom/sub subculture isn’t just thrown in for the kink alone, you get a glimpse into their society.

Excellent read!

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  1. I loved this story! It was very well written and loved the ending!



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