Monday, June 7, 2010

Captive Valentine by L. Rosario

Title: Captive Valentine

Author: L. Rosario

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: January 2007

Genre: Paranormal/Vampire

Length: 34 pages

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Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic, spicy

Other: Light bondage, oral

Reviewer: Starla Kaye

Date: 6-7-10

Seraphina Scala thought her live-in lover, Valentino, had forgotten Valentine’s Day. She tried not to care because she loved him anyway. Then blood red roses were delivered to her and over the phone he told her “I love you, baby.” And she thought “those words just never get old.” But he had so much more planned for that night.

I loved these two characters and the depth of their feelings for one another. This short story wasn’t about conflicts keeping them apart, but about deepening the love between them. It was beautifully written and really hot, great fun. I would willingly be this hero’s captive any time.

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  1. Thanks for the great review!!! I'm glad you enjoyed Valentino! You should check out Captive Fantasy ;)



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