Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wishing for a Home by T.A. Chase

Title: Wishing for a Home

Author: T.A. Chase

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Publication Date:2010


Genre: M/MSky


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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: anal/oral play, m/m

Reviewer: Sky


Derek St. Martin, country singer at the top of his career, is about fifteen minutes away from a complete breakdown if he can’t find a way to relax before beginning his next album and tour. On a doctor’s orders three month vacation, he travels to Wyoming to see if he can find a way to sleep at night without the bottles of pills and whiskey he’s using now.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (did I really say that?) ranch foreman Max Furlo is working hard but living lonely, until he lays eyes on Derek. They absolutely connect, but can this possibly be more than a summer fling for the closeted Nashville entertainer and the emotionally guarded Australian?

T.A. Chase’s characters have a lot to overcome in this novella length story. He shows us that it’s not easy for two men who have grown accustomed to surviving to realize that they may possibly have a future together, may even be able to be happy, if they can only look past seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Through their eyes, the reader is shown not only the two main characters ’emotional turmoil, and passion, but other gay couples who have made successful and fulfilling lives together, in worlds that don’t always make it easy to just be themselves. It is a heartwarming story where the reader will root for Max and Derek to succeed in finding a place where they can both be themselves and be together.

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