Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lasting Lust edited by Ryan Field

Title: Lasting Lust

Author: Tony Wards, R. Wilde, Randy Buck, Jenyphr Rashad, N. Vasco, Roxanne Rhoads, Hobert Glasse, Shanna Gardener, S.R. North, Christian Graziedella

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN: 9781607771777

Genre: contemporary, BDSM

Length: 152 pages

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Rating: 3 ½ Diamonds

Heat Level: erotic

Other: anal/oral play, sex games, BDSM, ménage, GLBT

Reviewer: Gabrielle

Date: 7/7/10

Eleven stories by eleven different authors yet each story revolves around the same theme. The theme of lasting love ranging from married to gay couples and those in between. Everybody is searching and finding love sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Some of the stories were a bit over the top for me but I did enjoy reading this book as a whole. My favorite of all the stories would have to be The First Brick by Roxanne Rhoads. This sweet story was about a married couple trying to find the love that they lost. Robert surprises Rox with a little Dominant/submision role-playing. Rox surprises herself with her reaction to the play. The two love each other enough to try and fight to regain their love making for a good read.

I enjoyed the continual theme of trust and love that was in this book. It was nice to see such devotion even though some of the relationships started out as plain lust they grew into love. This is a book filled with romance and a few unexpected surprises thrown in. If you enjoy a little kink in your romance than this book is for you.


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