Monday, July 26, 2010

Love Bites by Margie Church

Title: Love Bites
Author: Margie Church
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

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Heat Rating: Spicy
Rating: 5 Diamonds
Reviewer: Sky
Date: 7/26/10

Jui Fabrice, successful executive, is traveling on the European continent when she encounters Wade Kairos. The handsome stranger attracts her attention immediately, although she is already contemplating a relationship with a coworker who her father, and employer, highly approves of. Although Wade sends mixed messages, neither can forget the other. But Wade can’t have a relationship with a human—for this vampire the penalty would be death.

Ms. Church writes an exciting tale of romance on two continents. Her characters move and dance around each other in an appealing dance that will have the reader wondering how the story can possibly end. Her vampires are definitely not the kinder, gentler blood drinkers that are in many books these days. Wade is a creature of passion and excitement and, yes, some violence. Jui is a woman of the world, not a naïve shrinking violet, and when they get together the sparks fly.

Fans of Ms. Church’s Allaire books will want to snap this book up right away and plan to curl up and enjoy it. I made the mistake of starting it when I had work to do…anyway, good book and the work got done…eventually. I only hope there will be a sequel because I miss Wade and Jui already.


  1. Sky...thank you. I'm glad the dark passion of Wade didn't scare you off and I'm also glad you appreciated Jui's tenacity. And thank you for mentioning my first two books. While they are profoundly different, it's good to know I kept you wanting more. And BTW, the sequel is titled, Dangerous Love. Watch for it from Noble Romance soon.

  2. Margie Church never fails to deliver. Her books pack a a one-two punch, filled with both passion and an intriguing story!

  3. Margie, what a wonderful review. Congratulation, my dear. Well deserved.

  4. Thank you Laura and Brita. It's always nice to have the endorsement of my colleagues.



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