Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home to Singing Trees by Liz Flaherty

Title: Home to Singing Trees
Author: Liz Flaherty
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 1-60154-846-X
Genre: Western Historical
Length: 233 pages
Author email:  website contact
Rating:  5 diamonds      
Heat Level: Sensual
Reviewer: Alicia Croft
Date: 10/3/10

Widow Sarah Mary Williamson has fled Chicago with her five-year-old daughter and teenage sister-in-law to take a position as housekeeper on a farm outside Gilead, Indiana.  Her employer, Dr. Liam McKissick, is a widower who also has a young daughter, as well as an attractive younger brother and a bedridden, curmudgeonly father-in-law.  Sounds like the set-up for a simple, straightforward love story, right?

Wrong.  Both Sarah Mary and Liam are burdened by ugly secrets.  Sarah is running from her late husband’s stepbrother, who fathered her child during a brutal rape.  Liam is tormented by the knowledge that his late wife was preparing to leave him for another man when she and her mother were killed in an accident.  Sparks of attraction fly from the moment they meet, but their secrets hold them back.  Even when they develop trust enough to bare their hearts, the stigma of class difference and reputation force them apart.

This is a warm, wonderful story, and I could hardly bear to put it down.  Sarah Mary and Liam are complex characters with real emotions that draw the reader in immediately.  Home to Singing Trees also has a wonderful cast of lively, well-drawn secondary characters with issues and problems of their own.  The author has done an excellent job of capturing the flavor of life in a small Midwestern town in 1876, and I didn’t want to leave.  Highly recommended!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the great review. I so appreciate it the kind words and am glad you loved the people. As you can imagine, I became very attached to them in the writing of the story.



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