Friday, October 8, 2010

Z and the Fire Wolf by Tina Holland

Title:  Z and the Fire Wolf
Author:  Tina Holland
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date:  2010
ISBN:  978-1-59578-710-1
Genre:  Paranormal
Length:  Short Novella
Author Email:
Rating: 4.5 Diamonds
Heat Level: Spicy
Other:  Oral
Reviewer:  S. K. Fero
Date: 9-25-10

Princess Tierra is a witch, werewolf and a phoenix, a truly fiery combination and much in demand. Her life gets complicated when a skin-walker steals her and wants her powers. But when a mercenary arrives to take her back, her life gets even more complicated.

Maximillian Z is an abomination according to those who created him in a lab, experiment on him, and now hunt him after he escaped. He believes he can never have a real relationship with anyone because of what he is and so works as a mercenary. But when he is hired to bring Tierra back to her coven, she turns his life and his beliefs upside down.

An interesting cast of characters, some unique conflicts, and a spicy romance…a wonderful read.

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