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The Zagzagel Diaries by Bryl R. Tyne

Title: The Zagzagel Diaries
Author: Bryl R. Tyne
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Publication Date:2010
Genre: GLBT Romance
Length: Short stories
Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Sensual
Other: GLBT
Reviewer: Sky & Valerie Mann
Date: 10/10/10
Forsaken: A high rooftop, a concrete courtyard, a young man in utter despair and Zagzagel, a guardian angel. How to stop disaster from happening, how to show that even in the lowest points there is hope? ~Reviewed by Sky
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Denial: A woman has put herself in the world’s oldest profession, unable to accept herself, alone, sad, craving touch and love. Can her guardian angel show her life doesn’t have to be sad and solitary—and degrading?
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Desperate: Zagzagel’s got his hands full again. This time around, his charge is having to deal with an overly-religious father, fears of going to Hell and his growing attraction to his roommate. ~Reviewed by Valerie
In the light of recent homophobic events, Desperate particularly resonated with me. Though there is a lot of humor injected into this story (who knew angels could have allergies or erogenous zones?), the gravity of the subject matter isn’t lost. Nick is in love with his roommate Cody, but refuses to acknowledge his feelings due to strict upbringing and indoctrination at the hands of a loony-tunes father. His desperation is palpable as he decides how he’s going to deal with his attraction for Cody. Fortunately, he's got a guardian angel who knows exactly what to say and do to allow Nick to deal with his issues and find comfort and happiness in his decision. ~Reviewed by Valerie
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In all of three of these tales, Bryl Tyne shows us his typical, extraordinary insight into the hearts of people who long for acceptance and love in their lives. And injects a note of hope and caring in the form of the guardian angel, Zagzagel, who is willing to break a few of Big Papa’s rules to get the job done. These tales will touch the heart of any reader.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing the first three Zagzagel Diaries. Glad you enjoyed them.



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