Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ghostly Whispers by Jinx Williams

Title: Ghostly Whispers
Author: Jinx Williams
Publisher: Midnight Showcase Fiction
Publication Date: 2006, 2008
Genre: paranormal romance
Length: 65
Author Email: website contact
Heat Level: spicy
Reviewer: Brecken Stevens
Date: October 28, 2010

When Easter Billings moves into an old house and starts the search for a roommate, she thinks she’s starting a new stage in her life. Then she meets Rick and everything seems to be like living a memory. With the help of a psychic and some telling dreams, Easter and Rick are going to learn more about themselves and each other than one lifetime could allow. But will they survive when a past evil comes to life?

What an interesting story! And not just interesting, but fun as well. Things could have gotten heavy especially because Easter’s past life was a rough one. But instead Easter and Rick grow this playful, sweet relationship I enjoyed very much. The support characters are great adds and my only gripe would be the sex scenes. The story didn’t need them (I know, how often does that happen?) and I thought they slowed the pacing Ms. Williams had pulsing through. They are certainly hot and well-written, and not enough to take away the overall story, but they do slow things down. Anyone looking for a quick, spooky read will enjoy this one!

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