Friday, November 19, 2010

Trey's Angel by Cooper MacKenzie

Title: Trey’s Angel
Author: Cooper McKenzie
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60435-788-2
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 36 pages
Heat Level: Spicy
Other: Oral
Reviewer: Cassandra Parker
Date: November 15, 2010

Molly has been in love with Trey for most of her life but he has never really noticed her. As his little sister’s best friend Molly believes that Trey doesn’t see her as a desirable woman. Molly and Trey go their separate ways and don’t see each other again for 5 years.

Molly joined the Navy and she has only a 48 hour window until she is shipped out again. Molly wants to make one last ditch effort to seduce Trey at his birthday party. Will she finally be able to turn his head?

Trey has since retired from the NFL with an injury and is finally ready to settle down but only Molly will do. Can he convince her to take a chance on him?

This story was pretty good. It’s a short read so there is not a lot of plot and the connection to the main characters is not very strong, but the Molly and Trey have a previous connection so their relationship flows easily even though it is rushed. Overall this is an okay read, short and sweet.

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