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Cupid in Blue by Sandra Sookoo

Title: Cupid in Blue
Author: Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: 2009, digital date 2-1-10
Genre: Contemporary paranormal
Length: 34 pages
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Rating: 5+ Diamonds
Heat Level: Sweet, sensual
Reviewer: Starla Kaye
Date: 2-12-10

Being part of a magical family is enough of a problem, suddenly sprouting wings and having the powers-that-be decide you will be the new cupid is an even bigger problem.
Aaron Bernhart can’t believe this is happening to him. He hasn’t even been successful at having a romantic relationship himself. How can he possibly help others find love? Well, there’s always the instructional manual that comes with the bow quiver of arrows. And he could take classes at the Institute. What he doesn’t need is someone giving him grief about his new wings and his new career. Especially not a woman only in town for a limited time.

Catherine Alicot can’t believe what she sees: a gorgeous man with wings, trying to figure out how to fly. “Have you escaped from an institution somewhere? Do you need some sort of mental help?” she asked him, and yet she didn’t consider him a freak.

I fell in love with this story in the second paragraph of page one. Who can resist a poor man frustrated by a passing flock of geese as he remembers how they plow through his flight path, causing him to plummet to earth as he struggles with a new set of wings? Even though Aaron knows he’s from a magical family, he can’t believe being the new cupid can possibly be his destiny. Then along comes Catherine to spot him trying to fly, only to fall to the ground in frustration. I enjoyed their interplay and her teasing him from the beginning with “you’re just a guy on the wrong side of genetics…I don’t judge.” An absolutely wonderful story!

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  1. Thanks so much for this fabulous review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!



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