Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Kingdoms by Iain Bard

Title: Three Kingdoms
Author: Iain Bard
Publisher: Carnal Desires Publishing
Publication Date:2010
ISBN: 978-1-55404-728-4
Genre: Fairy Tale erotica
Length: 128
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Rating: 3 Diamonds
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: oral, anal, ménage, voyageur
Reviewer: Brecken Stevens
Date: Feb 12, 2010

In a distant medieval land, a lascivious, evil faerie Princess plots to gain the throne of the human kingdom. Fate decrees that two faerie soul mates must change the destiny of the three kingdoms. Obeying the decree, Ellewyn lies with a mortal king and becomes pregnant with his child. Tragically, Ellewyn dies in childbirth, although her spirit lives on. Her soul mate Merwyn raises her son Talaesyn as his own, and then assists the boy in his quest to unite all three kingdoms under his rule.

In a world where faerie powers are potent but remain disguised in human forms, sexual desires burn hotly. Talaesyn travels with Merwyn to the human kingdom of Aedalon, where they both gather information as invisible witnesses to the uninhibited sexual activities of three separate pivotal women in the court. In so doing, the two faeries learn the shocking truth regarding the nature of the Queen’s evil reign. Will Talaesyn succeed in uniting and then governing the three kingdoms?

In the kingdom of Aedelon things are changing. The veil between mortal and fey is thinning as legend becomes truth. First the coupling of Ellywyn and Garreth result in a son such as none before him. Talaesyn is that son and must bring the three kingdoms together before an evil queen uses her powers to cause even more havoc.

Three Kingdoms has a fairy tale feel in many ways. It’s written in the style of telling, not so much showing which left me really wanting to get better acquainted with the characters. It is full of very graphic sex, so it’s not one for the casual erotica reader but it does end happily enough for the romance side to be fulfilled. I gave it three diamonds because I know there are romance readers who want the harder stuff, and Iain Bard puts it all out there.

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