Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Star to Steer Her By by Philippa Grey-Gerou

Title: A Star To Steer Her By
Author: Philippa Grey-Gerou
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59578-657-9
Genre: Historical
Length: 249 pages
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Rating: 4
Heat Level: spicy
Other: oral play
Reviewer: Sasha Evins
Date: 02/07/10

Blurb: Nicholas Randolph has had his life mapped out for him with little regard for what he wanted. Sailing home from a business trip to America, Nicholas's ship is beset by the privateer ship Lucifer, captained by a dangerous, beautiful woman who takes him hostage and forces him to serve aboard her ship. But as days and weeks lengthen into months, Nicholas begins to find in his captivity a freedom he has never known. And he finds in the captain a woman very similar to himself, trapped in a role of someone else's choosing.
Emma Sullivan has known only the sea her whole life, a tie more powerful for her even than love. But as Nicholas works his way into the life of her ship, he begins to make her question if she can't be a captain and a woman, too. Given the right partner.

The seas never run smoothly, and even as these two enemies work their way towards something more, storm clouds are brewing which will chase them from the crystal waters of the Caribbean to the very heart of London itself. To overcome the perils in their path and find happiness, Nicholas and Emma will need to choose the star to steer by.

Nicholas is a beta hero with a taste for excitement and Emma is the proud adventurous heroine that all of us gals have lurking in the depths of our souls. I admit this story started out slow for me. Emma’s point of view wasn’t used as much as I would have liked in the beginning to form an attachment to her right away. Also, I’m more of an alpha hero kind of girl, so it took a while for Nicholas to grow on me. But hang in there, because by the middle you are in a mad dash to the end to see what happens next. The love scenes evolve as well from somewhat tentative, to off the charts spicy!

The author’s knowledge of history, as well as sailing (and privateering) is wonderful. You really get a feel for the world the hero and heroine are living their adventures in, and the romance of the era.

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