Thursday, February 11, 2010

More & More by Niobia Bryant

Title: More & More
Author: Niobia Bryant
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60435-483-6
Genre: Destination Romance
Length: 80 pages
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Rating: 4 Diamonds
Heat Level: Sensual

Mocha hopes the glamourous Jamaican cruise she and her book club are on will help her forget Dean and their incredibly hot weekends. At least the ones they used to have before he suggested taking their relationship to the next level. Mocha doesn’t want that, does she? A man underfoot all the time messing up her perfect life? Even if she happens to love the guy.

Niobia Bryant’s tale of romance gone awry is a fun read for a winter day when we’d all rather be on a cruise. Blue skies, bluer water, all the amenities of a cruise ship. Escape! And her characters are very likeable. Mocha is a woman who has achieved much in life, actually likes herself, including her body! but has a few things left to learn. Dean is a very sexy fellow, whose only real mistake is moving too fast without letting the object of his affections know what he has in mind. The reader will wait with bated breath to see if Mocha opens her eyes in time, because a guy as fine as Dean won’t be available forever.

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