Monday, June 27, 2011

Caveat Emptor: Trapped Lover by Zenobia Renquist

Title:  Caveat Emptor: Trapped Lover
Author:  Zenobia Renquist
Publisher:  Changeling Press
Publication Date:  2011
ISBN:  978-1-60521-638-6
Genre:  Paranormal, Vampire
Length:  Novella
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: Sex games, anal/oral play
Reviewer:  Starla Kaye
Date:  6-27-11

This author is such a tease. She lured me into this series with the first book, Caveat Emptor: Charmed Lover, and I had to read and review this one. Now she leaves me hanging on, waiting for the next book, Caveat Emptor: Provoked Lover.

Ryver is a human who owns a vampire for home security reasons. When the charm that has kept him docile and subservient fails, they became lovers. She was ordered to turn him back to the mages in a mandatory recall, but she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t give him up and goes to his “world” in vampire territory.

Theron is a vampire who had been captured, trapped, and forced into obedience to a human. As his controlling charm failed, he became more and more her true lover. He isn’t willing to give her up or to have her jailed for not turning him back to the mages. He takes her with him to his home, but can he keep her safe there?

Great characters and they grow stronger with each book.

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