Friday, June 17, 2011

Whipped by Eliza Gayle

Title:   Whipped (Purgatory Series #3)
Author:    Eliza Gayle
Publisher:    Gypsy Ink Books
Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN:     GIB00000010
Genre Contemporary BDSM
Length:   106 pages
Author Email     
Heat Level:    Scorching
Other: Dominance, Submission, Bondage, Flogging
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   June 24th 2011

Welcome back to Purgatory! A club for every fetish…

Recovering from a bad relationship, Walker comes to Purgatory looking for a place to call home. While he enjoys the casual play, he yearns to make a connection with a submissive for the long-term. The second he lays eyes on beautiful, mysterious Cass at the flogging station, his mind is made up.

Cass enjoys the sense of anonymity Purgatory gives her, and despite her determination to live by her rules she is unable to resist Walker. Can Cass overcome her personal demons to give in completely to the Dom who has her heart, and a mighty strong whip, in his hands?

Whipped by Eliza Gayle is an exciting and titillating romp into the world of BDSM and fetish clubs. This is not a book for the closed minded or those looking for a sweet boy meets girl romance. This is a book full of steam and hot, hot, hot.  The reader must be open to public flogging as a sexual and emotional release.

There is so much detail that the reader is immersed in the underground world though I will admit to needed to Google a few things to make sure I understood what was being talked about.

Told completely through the POV of  Walker, we see a Dominant’s perspective and needs, though Cass is expressive enough that we know pretty much what is going on in her mind, at least by the end. Part of what I loved about this book was watching Walker get Cass to open up to him in every way you can think of, as well as get her to trust him.

I am thrilled to have discovered a new author to read and I look forward to reading so many more from this author in the future.  If you are curious about the world of subs and Doms this is an excellent step into the world.

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