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Rapunzel's Release by Nichelle Gregory

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Title: Rapunzel's Release
Author Nichelle Gregory
Publisher Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Genre Fantasy Romance
Time Period: Once upon a Time

Lost in the heart of Africa, Filipe is shocked to discover a beautiful maiden locked away in a stone tower prison. Taken with her innocent beauty and desperate plight, he vows to help Rapunzel but is soon trapped by his own unrelenting desire to have her. His fiery desire gives way to guilty pleasures, but Filipe can't accept Rapunzel's innocent declaration of love. Heartbroken, Rapunzel follows Filipe's plan for escape but nothing goes as predicted. Can Rapunzel convince Filipe her love is true and their destinies are intertwined?
In Ms. Gregory's  retelling of the Classic children's fantasy, we get a story that is enjoyable, quick to read and only for the adults. Ms. Gregory does a wonderful job giving us the background as to how Repunzel ends up with the witch. She tells the story in a fairy tale format with the feel of the old fairy tales and as this wasn't erotica it didn't bother this reviewer in the least.  When I am reading an erotic fairy tale, having it sound like my children's books disturbs me. But as I said, this one flowed and I found it equally enjoyable.
The story is placed in Africa and I loved the descriptive feel of the story. Our heroine is as she should be--a damsel in distress. But the hero, Filipe, is more. He wants Rapunzel, but wards off her attentions because he does not wish to take advantage--he is a hero both in deed and action.
If you are a lover of the adult fairy tale, this one will not disappoint. At 60 pages, it is short but the reader is left feeling it was just the right length. This book is worth your money and your time.

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