Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ghost Unlaid by Marie Treanor

Title: Ghost Unlaid

Author: Marie Treanor

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: August 2009

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Length: 110 pgs

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Rating: 4.75 Diamonds

Heat : spicy

Other: explicit language, graphic sex

Reviewer: Olivia Starke

Date: November 29, 2009

A rebellious librarian encounters the ghost of an ancient Scottish king...

Rare book specialist, Julie Macbeth is sent to work on the Drummonds' private library in Edinburgh as a punishment. But in fact, she is delighted with the job and fascinated by Lulach, the charming eccentric who appears to live there. When Lulach claims to be the ghost of a thousand year old king, she's sure that he’s insane. But as she begins to fall in love, it breaks her heart to know that she should do everything in her power to lay his spirit to rest at last.

This was a wonderful story. Julie was a believable heroine and Lulach an intriguing beta hero. I wasn't sure how a love story could work between a ghost and a mortal woman and I felt myself drawn in to find out. At times I found my heart strings tugged by the Lulach's circumstances and I identified with Julie's own reactions. The author writes with intelligence and the dialogue was very natural. I found that I now believe love can happen with a ghostly spirit. I highly recommend this read. I wish the ending had been a bit different (though it was a happily ever after) I'm not sure how it could have been and still have been as believable.

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