Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mind Games by Olivia Starke

Title: Mind Games

Author: Olivia Starke

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Publication Date: 2009


Genre: Erotic Paranormal

Length: 41 pages

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Rating: 5 diamonds

Heat : Spicy

Reviewer: Kate Richards

Date: 11/28/09

Cassie Archer has recently inherited her grandmother’s farm, but the quiet country life may not be as peaceful, or safe, as it seems. There has been a murder in the neighborhood, and. There has been a murder in the neighborhood, and Sheriff Garrett Daniels wonders if Cassie might not have been the real intended victim. There is certainly something in the house that is trying to tell her something. When a grandmother is a witch, death may not be enough to stop her from trying to protect and help her granddaughter.

I totally and completely loved this book. It was one of the very rare stories I can say that about. The book opens with an exciting scene that grabs the reader and pulls them into the story, wondering, what is going on? and What will happen next? Of course, this is a romance, and it’s hard to miss with an extremely hot guy in uniform, like Sheriff Daniels. A hot guy who is trying to protect her from life threatening danger. Irresistible, right? And the chemistry between Cassie and Garrett will not disappoint. This is a really fun story even if your own countryside is not populated by helpful sheriffs and witches. But wouldn’t it be fun if it were?

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