Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stellar Heat by Scarlett Jameson

Title: Stellar Heat

Author: Scarlett Jameson

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: April 2010

Genre: Sci-fi erotic

Length: 77 pages

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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Spicy

Other: Explicit language, anal play/sex, ménage (m/f/m)

Reviewer: Starla Kaye

Date: 4-11-10

Can you say “yum”? What about “double yum”? Twins, so alike and yet not alike have found the woman destined to be their soul mate, their forever love. But the timing is wrong to stake their claim. If Jak and Qwin claim Lily now, they could jeopardize their careers as well as hers. Being forced into close quarters together for a short period of time plays havoc with rational thought, they must face overwhelming physical needs. They must make decisions about what is most important and be able to live with the choice they make. And can Lily accept two men not only into her bed but also for the rest of their lives?

The story was all too short, in my biased opinion. I found the characters well developed and enjoyable. But I would have liked to experienced more of the ups and downs in the relationship between Lily, Jak and Qwin.

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