Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dead Ruby Slippers by Sandra Sookoo

Title: Dead Ruby Slippers

Author: Sandra Sookoo

Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.

Publication Date: June 7, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-61650-214-0

Genre: Fantasy contemporary romance

Length: Novella

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Rating: 4.5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Spicy

Reviewer: Starla Kaye

Date: 5-15-10

I felt like I was reading a game of Clue, which was interesting and enjoyable.

Special Agent Quentin Banks leads a tiring, double life as both an FBI agent and an officer for the Magical Enforcement League. His life with the MEL has been hard personally. Because of some tragedies that happened, he doesn’t believe he can have a relationship, doesn’t deserve love or to have a second chance at it.

From the instant Quentin walked in the door as an FBI agent to investigate the murder of Abigail Carlton, a.k.a. Ruby Slippers, he felt magical vibes. Complicating the situation even more, he feels an unwanted attraction to Jillian Pearson, one of the suspects. She upsets his thinking both about the case and about his personal life. In turn, he complicates her life and threatens to reveal secrets that have led to her unhappy life.

The cast of characters were well drawn. The setting details good. And the conflicts, both personal and external, handled well. I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good who-did-it with a paranormal twist.

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