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Cries of Penance by Roxy Harte

Title: Cries of Penance

Author: Roxy Harte

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Publication Date: September 2010

ISBN: 9978-1-61650-187-7

Genre: Erotica

Length: Novel

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Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: BDSM during pregnancy, lactation play, M/M/F

Reviewer: Starla Kaye

Date: 8-21-10

Book 5 of The Chronicles of Surrender

Three of my favorite characters return in this book: Celia and her two lovers/masters, Thomas and Garrett. They make up a very interesting ménage living in a dark and different world as part of their lives. Three people who have chosen to participate in a BDSM lifestyle beyond their everyday lives.

As if their chosen relationship and lifestyle aren’t complicated enough, Thomas has a secret identity in a black ops organization. The side of him that he has tried to keep private and not part of their ménage takes a turn for the worse. I won’t go into the many obstacles and complications both he and the others face, but they will keep the reader turning the page and wondering how it can all possibly work out.

Not only does Thomas’s secret job threaten their relationship, but also each of the other two people must deal with some very challenging things in their individual lives. Celia worries about their relationship surviving the many changes brought on by circumstances, including her upcoming new role as a mother to Thomas’s twins and a step-mother to his four children. Garrett faces a serious situation with his parents and has to determine his role in the much more complex ménage. And Thomas tries desperately to keep everyone safe as well as saving their special relationship.

I was fortunate enough to read and review the fourth book in this series, Echo of Redemption, as well. Now I have to go back and read the first three. And I will have to wait anxiously for the next book in the series, Vow of Silence. It isn’t often I find a cast of characters and a storyline that I want to be sure and not miss any books in the series. This is an author I’m definitely adding to my list of favorites.


  1. Thanks for another wonderful review, Sharla...I know it was hard to say anything at all without spoilers! Sacred Secrets is the first in the series and I hope it gives you even more perspective into this complicated menage:)

    Roxy Harte

  2. Great review! It definitely made me want to run right out and purchase the book. I think I'll start with the first one in the series though :)



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