Sunday, August 22, 2010

Follow Your Heart by Kathleen Caruthers

Title: Follow Your Heart

Author: Kathleen Caruthers

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 1-60154-768-4

Genre: Romantic Suspense (Crimson Rose)

Length: 228 pages

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Rating: 3 ½ Diamonds

Heat Level: Spicy

Reviewer: Alicia Croft

Date: 8/20/10

Ontario police officer, Adian Stone, is frustrated by the lack of clues in the mysterious murders of two young women who have recently given birth so he turns to his sometime partner, psychic Kate Stanhope, for help. Kate receives troubling visions of the victims’ final minutes then nearly collapses when confronted by the possible perpetrator in a line-up. As the case progresses, Kate and Aidan’s relationship develops from strictly business to something much more personal, until demons from her past return to suck her into the murderous events of the present.

I loved the Canadian setting in the southeast Ontario region of the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Thousand Islands, and the suspense plot had enough twists and hints to keep the reader turning pages. Kate’s mother’s behavior really kept me wondering what secrets she was hiding.

Unfortunately, the formal prose style served to distance the reader from the characters and slow the pace. I wanted to know Kate and Aidan better but felt as if a veil were drawn in front of them, and the long passages of narrative summary dragged down the pace of a plot that had great potential for nail-biting psychological suspense.

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