Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gangster Moll by Karen Lewis

Title: Gangster Moll
Author: Karen Lewis
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Publication Date: April 2010
Genre: Suspense thriller
Length: 90 Pages
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Rating: 3.5 for writing – Not a romance.
Heat Level: Sensual
Other: Discussion of Donkey Sex
Reviewer: Suki
Date: August 8, 2010

“Police Officer’s Affair with Gangster Moll Jeopardizes Case. The headline blazed from the newspaper lying on Cheryl Richards’ front doorstep. This is her husband they're talking about.

Devastated that her marriage was thrown away for a slut, a gangster moll, who’s been passed around by gang members and even done donkey sex shows, Cheryl walks out. But to make matters worse, she must now be isolated in a police safe house, which turns her world upside down.

While in protective custody, Nicky, the gangster moll, finds her rescuer in Brian. Their affair produces what he wants most in life, and hasn’t been able to have with Cheryl, a child. Nicky sees this as a way out of her gangster life and lures him into her web of deceit. When Brian, bored with his wife and enticed by Nicky, makes a life altering decision the results are not only catastrophic but potentially deadly.”

Okay, while this is an interesting read, I really have no idea why it was sent to a Romance Review site. This is not a romance...well not one that leaves you feeling good when you walk away.

First of all, it’s a story about adultery and deception. The characters were interesting and Cheryl begins the story with my sympathy but her change of heart seems too quick, too eager to keep it. And her husband is a jerk through and through.

The writing is good and had I gone into this book knowing it wasn’t a romance, if I was a reviewer for a site that reviewed other things than Romance, I would have given this a higher rating.

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